Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Band of the week

A few days ago i watched the movie "Tekken" and i noticed the great soundtrack. I looked it up and found a new favourit band. The "Sick Puppies".  I never heard of them befor but now they are a basic part of my playlist.
Their new album "Tri Polar" is a mix of alternativ metal and a kind of pop/rock.
"You`re going down" is my favourit song of this album. it´s so great to listen it during playing pc games with pvp content.

please give me your favourite band, and maybe i will post about them next sunday


  1. I looked up this song and I can dig it! Nice find, dude.

  2. do add videos. I'm too lazy for google.

  3. you can had youtube videos directly to your blog ;) thanks for the presenting the song ;)

  4. Never saw the Teken movie, but i knew the Sick Puppies band :P
    They are great and i like that song too. Nice taste mate :]

  5. i knew of this band as well, i've never listend to them before now nd must say thanks for sharing it

  6. Tri Polar is a great album. Good call on that one.